Save Money in Your Garden
Over the next few months we will be bringing you some clever cost-saving ideas for your home garden. Not only will these ideas help keep you on budget, but many add an extra fun element to spending time outdoors nurturing your patch.
  1. As much for money as for personal health reasons, try to avoid using chemicals in your garden. Make sure you grow lots of chilli, garlic and plants with a high oil content such as citronella geraniums to repel the bugs you don’t want around your precious plants.
  2. Buy second-hand materials such as pavers when creating hardscapes for larger garden areas. There are some amazing deals available and they are durable. Ordinary concrete pavers or slabs can take on a new look when surrounded by recycled bricks. All manner of recycled building materials such as sleepers and pieces of timber can be used to create an unusual and serviceable path.
  3. Instead of trimming for the verge pick-up, hire a chipper and convert prunings into garden mulch. Add some blood and bone and mix it up with some green lawn clippings and you will end up with an effective garden compost.
  4. Go beachcombing and collect kelp or seagrass for the garden. Check with your local council to make sure it’s alright to remove this compostable material, but in many areas they are grateful as it doesn’t smell great when it starts rotting away in large volumes. Seaweed can be dug straight into the soil or added to the compost heap. Don’t worry about washing off the salt because the quantity is too small to make a difference, plus salt actually carries many essential minerals for healthy plant growth.
  5. Keeping the humble chook can save dollars and provide additional food for your family. Chooks eat most food scraps and their scratchings help to destroy weeds by cultivating the soil. Their manure also enriches the soil by adding important nutrients, all the while these highly social creatures enjoy a wonderful existence and provide you with the best quality eggs you could ever enjoy.


About the author – Trevor Cochrane
Trevor is a born-and-bred proud West Australian who grew up on a dairy farm in Mundijong, just outside of Perth, WA. He launched the media company Guru Productions in 2002 that has since produced over 750 episodes of television telecast on Channel 9 nationally and is now seen in over 100 countries across the globe in 14 different languages. In the years since creating The Garden Gurus he has created and produced over 50 hours of international travel shows, food and wine programs, local WA food program Our State on a Plate and the Destination WA travel series. All Guru Productions projects appear on Channel 9 and WIN Television, as well as nationally on the popular digital TV channel 9 Life. Trevor’s passion for gardening has seen him write four books and regular columns for the The Sunday Times and The West Australian Newspaper.
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