Spring - NSW


Freshen up the garden beds with some new summer-flowering plants. These include Ageratum, Alyssum, Cyclamen, Iceland poppy, marigold, Verbena, Vinca, Viola and wallflower.

Lettuce will thrive if planted into the vegie garden now, but prepare the soil well and keep up the watering to ensure fast growth. This will not only keep the pest problems to a minimum, but will make for better tasting leaves. Top up nutrients with regular doses of a seaweed solution and a high nitrogen plant food. You will have delicious, fresh salad leaves in no time!

With the warmth now gracing us, you can get your next crop of tomatoes in the ground ready for vine-ripened bliss towards the end of the year. Remember to put in stakes to keep the plants upright and fruit off the ground, and keep the watering and nutrients up. Plant them in a place that receives plenty of sunlight into rich, free-draining soil.


Give your garden a post-winter revival with a good dose of liquid fertiliser. This will also help spur on lush spring growth and productivity. The vegetable garden will be particularly hungry, so add in some organic manure and top it off with sugarcane mulch to retain moisture.

Trim up shrubs hedges to keep them tidy and promote new, healthy growth. Tip-prune winter flowering plants as the blooms come to an end to prepare them for the season ahead.

Top-dress your lawn now to smooth out any bumps, help suppress weeds and add a little extra nutrient. Similarly, an extra layer of mulch over your garden beds now will keep new weeds at bay and protect the soil from the hot weather ahead.

Feed your spring-flowering bulbs as they begin to die down so they can absorb nutrients and store the energy for the next growing season. Blood and bone or composted chook manure are great options.


Cherries are coming into season in New South Wales during spring. Citrus fruit will also still be at its peak, so continue to enjoy those fresh oranges, lemons and mandarins.

Silverbeet and spinach will be abundant now too. Enjoy these versatile greens in a variety of dishes or simply sautéed with your chosen flavourings for a quick, nutritious side.

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