Kalbarri Fishing Adventures

Kalbarri is a winter holiday favourite for those of us in Perth and further south, as it is the perfect place to warm up and enjoy just a little more beach time before we give in to woolly jumpers, tracksuit pants and boots.

An easy six-hour drive from the city, Kalbarri is renowned for fishing adventures. The Kalbarri Offshore Angling Club was set up in 1985 as a way to encourage a little friendly competition and it allows like-minded fishing enthusiasts to share their tips, tricks and stories from the ocean.

The Club has always encouraged kids to get involved too. The younger ones have great fun giving fishing a go, learning about the different ways of fishing and about the species of fish endemic to the area. There are regular fishing comps held just for the kids, giving them an opportunity to show of their skills (and perhaps a little good luck!) in a friendly, supportive environment.

IMG_0696The Next GEN fishing team is another group for young people who are super keen on fishing. There are ten inaugural Next GEN team members between Dunsborough and Kalbarri and their aim is to get more young people into fishing and grow the industry. They have achieved some amazing things, fished some envy-worthy spots and made some lifelong-friendships as a group. Up in Kalbarri, the guys get together each weekend for a bit of angling fun – and they really know their stuff. Mullaway is a prized fish up in Kalbarri, but other popular species are mangrove Jack, bream in the river, snapper and dhufish. They know what they are targeting and how to get their catch! If you would like to find out more about NextGEN, or you know a young person who would love to get involved themselves, visit www.nextgenfishing.com.au.

So, if you have kids who love to fish, or you yourself love to wet a line, Kalbarri is the perfect place to be. There is nothing like casting out into a beautiful warm sunset and seeing what treats the tides will bring you. As a visitor, it is a good idea to get yourself a copy of the Kalbarri Fishing Guide for just $5 from the Visitor Centre, or seek out one of the NextGEN or Kalbarri Offshore & Angling Club members for some expert local tips.

Find out what’s happening with the Kalbarri Offshore Angling Club on their Facebook page here.

Meet the Kalbarri members of the NextGEN team on Destination WA here.


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