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Services for magnificent gardens

The Garden Gurus offer garden services in addition to providing local gardening advice through their TV show and publications, using a team of very talented garden designers and highly experienced horticulturists.

We offer a complete service from design to installation to on going maintenance. And for those not sure of where or how to start, our on-site consultation service offers great value.

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Landscaping and Design

Landscaping and Design

We employ the most talented designers and highly experienced horticulturists, creating waterwise gardens...

The Best Designs

Designing a garden correctly will save you a fortune in the mid to long term and will deliver you the garden of your dreams in the short term.

Our highly talented designers produce original concepts that deliver your wishes whilst taking into account the critical issues of being waterwise, fertilise wise and low maintenance.

Save money and time by getting The Garden Gurus to design your garden, employing many years of experience and some of the freshest creative designs. We can not only deliver unique and interesting gardens, we also deliver environmentally friendly gardens that use less water whilst looking great.

Low maintenance gardens are the primary objective of what we design so that the owner spends the majority of time enjoying the garden, not maintaining it.

We create the most popular garden design styles including native, contemporary, cottage, tropical gardens, waterwise gardens and modern styles.
Garden Advice

Garden Advice

Sometimes getting the right advice is all you need to get your garden back on track or to help you before you invest in a new or redesigned garden....

The Best Waterwise Advice

Sometimes getting the right advice is all you need to get your garden back on track. This unique service employs next to the Garden Gurus, some of Australia's most experienced consultants in specialist areas.

We provide onsite analysis and advice that is documented to assist you with a plan to get your garden back on track. Every consultancy job finishes with the client receiving a copy of the report taken during the visit to use in the future care of the garden.

Get the expert advice you need to make your garden waterwise, lush and beautiful!
Some of the things we can advice you about are:
  • Soil analysis
  • Pest and disease control
  • Garden design concepts and suggestions
  • Planting recommendations
  • Plant care, maintenance and pruning recommendations.
  • Soil structure development, care and development recommendations.