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The Gurus Explore DVD Box Set

The Gurus Explore DVD Box Set

Get inspired by this six-part travel series The Gurus Explore, as seen on Channel Nine. Explore some of the world's most well-hidden treasures and awe-inspiring destinations with hosts Trevor Cochrane and Neville Passmore, Nigel Ruck and Geraldine Chia.

Seen through the eyes of the presenters, each program focuses exclusively on one country, providing a fascinating and in-depth insight into the culture, the people and the food. Each show will tempt you to go globetrotting yourself to experience each country featured in The Gurus Explore.

Disk 1

  • Taiwan
    Long known for its industrial prowess, Taiwan is also the world's largest orchid exporter.
  • Japan
    See why Japan has the reputation as Asia's premier tourist destination.
  • South Africa
    Be dazzled by the splendor of South Africa, a diverse country full of spirit and heart.

Disk 2

  • South Korea
    From the Hi Seoul Festival to the infamous demilitarized zone, there's so much to see and do in South Korea.
  • Canada
    See the brilliance of autumn colour whilst traveling via rail through eastern Canada.
  • Pilbara
    Be swept away by the breathtaking scenery of Australia's own PIlbara region in the Wild West.
Title: The Gurus Explore DVD Box Set - Volume 1
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