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  • Trevor Cochcrane
    Trevor Cochcrane
  • In a world that’s changing rapidly, our species’ ability to positively or negatively impact the outcomes of environmental and climate change is critically important. Over the past few months I’ve spent time in the north- ern hemisphere discussing the change with polar bear scientists in Manitoba, with taxi drivers in Paris and ski resort operators in Korea, and ev- eryone agrees there’s some- thing dramatic happening to the climate and subsequently the environment we live in. Seventy per cent of the planet’s forests have been cut down in the past 40 years, we have more cars on the road than ever before and we burn coal, gas and petrol at a faster rate than ever. It seems obvious the atmosphere will be influenced by these actions and any change to the atmosphere is bound to affect our environment.

    Whilst world leaders grapple with an economic transition away from a carbon economy, you might be feeling a little helpless in making a difference yourself, after all what on earth can you do? If 60 per cent of us transitioned our lifestyles away from a car- bon-hungry existence, we could rapidly transform the world’s fortunes and ultimately ours, and our children’s. For example, a 5KW solar energy system will reduce the demand for power from our dirty coal-powered gener- ators. A grey water (or, if you are off the grid, a blackwater treatment system) will recycle water and remove dangerous waste. Recycling does make a massive difference to landfill and, more impor- tantly, recycling organics and food waste can dramatically improve your soil’s fer- tility if it’s composted.

    Lastly, trees are vitally important to a healthy planet. The more trees in our cities, the more rain, the cooler the con- ditions, the cleaner the air we breathe. If every home had 16 medium-sized trees planted in the garden, we would rapidly reforest the urban landscape, cleaning the air of carbon dioxide. You can make a positive change for the planet’s future; you just have to do something. One step at a time is enough…but we all have to do it.

  • Fleur Chapman
    Fleur Chapman
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